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Whether you’re just starting out with your new hookah, or you’re an experienced smoker looking for the best there is to offer, we’ve got answers. At ExudeHookah, we have spent hours on each of our reviews compiling first and foremost our individual reviews of the products, and also data from Amazon and other online retailers. This helps us fully understand what real life users think of these hookah products after handling them for a few months and monitoring their quality.

We like being able to deliver weekly, sometimes daily, unbiased and personal product & lifestyle reviews that are based on quality, healthiness, naturalness, company reputation and first hand user experiences. We don’t accept money from the companies manufacturing these products on behalf of any of the hookah supplies or product reviews you see on our site. There’s no big company influencing our opinion, only our experiences and the experiences of other end users. Ultimately, we want you to find the best hookahs and hookah products that are out there without worrying about wasting money on another piece of clutter for your house.

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